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The Spring Lake Community house met their goal of raising $5000 for WCK in support of Ukraine

The Spring Lake Community House is happy to announce that they reached their goal and raised $5000 in donations to the World Central Kitchen in support of its life saving work in Ukraine. Donations were raised during the 100% matching event concert performed by the Garden State Philharmonic on April 27, 2022.

The World Central Kitchen (WCK) works with helping families around the world. WCK is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. When disaster strikes, WCK’s Chef Relief Team mobilizes to the frontlines with the urgency of now to start cooking and provide meals to people in need. has created a new model for disaster relief helping devastated communities recover and establish resilient food systems.

Spring Lake Community House Executive Director Patricia Barry shared:

“We have been moved by the work World Central Kitchen does around the world and the extraordinary speed in which they mobilized to aid the war refugees of Ukraine.”

The Spring Lake Memorial Community House is a non-profit in the heart of scenic Spring Lake. The beautiful building, turning 100 years old in 2023, is home to the Spring Lake Theatre, renowned for their six Broadway-quality theater productions each year, as well as the Spring Lake Theatre & Dance Academy, with highly acclaimed theatre and dance programs for children.

Donors and Benefactors pledged to match the price of every ticket purchased for the “Mozart, Beethoven & More” concert with the Garden State Philharmonic, up to $5000, allowing patrons to both enjoy beautiful classics by some of the most beloved composers, and support a great cause at the same time.

The Spring Lake Community House extends their warmest thank you to all the patrons who supported the cause.

For more information or to support the World Central Kitchen, visit

To learn more about the Spring Lake Community House, or find information about the upcoming season at the Spring Lake Theatre, visit

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