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Upcoming Auditions:

"You Can't Take It With You" Auditions


The Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy comes to the Spring Lake Theatre.  The Vanderhof household, headed by Martin Vanderhof, and filled with family and friends, is a busy one. Everyone is coming and going and doing what they please. But when Martin’s granddaughter becomes engaged to her successful boss’s son, and his parents have to meet the Vanderhof family, let’s just say they might not share the same ideals.

Spring Lake Theatre
3rd and Madison Ave.
Spring Lake, NJ


  • December 5, 2023 at 7:30pm / December 6, 2023 at 7:30pm

  • Resume and headshot appreciated, but not required.

  • Audition will consist of cold readings from the script which will be provided at the audition.

  • Be prepared to list all conflicts between January 2nd and February 4th.  No conflicts will be accepted for tech week February 5th - February 8th, in addition to performances on February 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th.


  • Penny Sycamore: 40s-50s. The daughter of Martin Vanderhof, mother of Essie and Alice, and wife of Paul. She wants to do it all: playwright, painter, sculptor, but can’t seem to focus on just one thing.

  • Essie: late 20’s – early 30s. Daughter of Penny and Paul, granddaughter of Martin. She wants to be a dancer, but she’s not very good in spite of taking lessons from Boris Kolenkhov.

  • Rheba: 30s. The household maid. She understands the family.

  • Paul Sycamore: late 40s-mid 50s. He loves to make fireworks and gets excited about them. He has a quiet charm among the other characters.

  • Mr. De Pinna: 40s-50s. He was delivering ice to the home and just decided to stay. He fits right in.

  • Ed: late 20s-early 30s. Essie’s husband who loves his printing press and the xylophone.

  • Donald: 30s. Rheba’s boyfriend who makes himself right at home at the Vanderhofs.

  • Martin (Grandpa) Vanderhof: 60+. The patriarch. He’s very kind and tolerant of anything anybody wants to try to do. He’s very unassuming and his attitude and manner are that of a wise man.

  • Alice: early 20s. Penny and Paul’s daughter who works outside the house and knows the real world.

  • Tony Kirby: mid 20s-early 30s. Personable young man, who is in love with Alice. The boss’s son, he nevertheless has a need for something more and sees something in the way the Vanderhofs live their lives.

  • Boris Kolenkhov: late 40s-mid 50s. A Russian dance teacher, who is big and demonstrative.

  • Mr. Kirby: 50s. Tony’s father, a successful businessman who wants his son to take over the business. He is very disapproving of Tony’s engagement and the Vanderhofs in particular. The Kirbys represent the high society folks of the time.

  • Mrs. Kirby: 50s. Tony’s mother who shares her husband’s views, maybe even more so. What we would call the stuffy matron part.

  • Gay Wellington: 40s. Once a big star, alcohol has made her age well beyond her years.

  • Olga: 40s. Former Russian Countess now working in a restaurant following the Revolution. Big and brassy.

  • Henderson: 30s-40s: IRS man, trying to get to the bottom of Martin’s tax problems. (May be doubled as one of the G-Men.)

  • 3 G-“Men” (FBI agents): Any age/gender. Three G-men burst in, getting the terrorists and bomb-makers that are the Vanderhofs.

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