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Press Release - A Chorus Line

"Step, kick, kick, and leap your way to Spring Lake Theatre for "A Chorus Line," opening on Friday, October 13, and running for three weekends. With just 90 minutes of runtime and no intermission, it's the perfect way to spend a chilly fall evening or a windy afternoon!

"A Chorus Line" immerses the audience in the lives of aspiring Broadway dancers auditioning for coveted spots in the chorus line of a major production. As each performer steps into the spotlight, their stories and dreams come to life through dance, music, and heartfelt monologues. The show explores themes of ambition, passion, and the sacrifices artists make to achieve their dreams. Audiences will be moved and inspired by the raw emotion and incredible talent on display.

The show is both directed and choreographed by the multitalented Sean Openshaw. This marks his directorial debut at Spring Lake Theatre, where he has performed in many productions, including "Clue," "Mamma Mia!," and "The Producers."

"A Chorus Line" is produced by Patricia Barry, with musical direction by Beth Moore. Set and Lighting Design is by Andrew Dagostino.

Derek Hulse will be portraying the role of the director, Zach. A longtime Spring Lake Theatre veteran, both as an actor and director, Derek is perhaps most well-known for his portrayal of Scrooge in the annual production of the same name. His assistant, Laurie, will be played by Hannah Gammond, who also teaches at the Spring Lake Theatre & Dance Academy.

The cast of "A Chorus Line" includes both familiar faces and newcomers to Spring Lake Theatre. Jessica Sanzone will play Cassie, Joey Mayer portrays Mike, Greg is played by Michael Morch, and Sheila by Maggie Mihalcik. Andrew Ferrie is portraying Bobby, Analise Piemonte plays Judy, and Richie is played by Nicholas La Russa in his first role at SLT. Al is played by Nick D’Ambrosia, Kristine by Jade Gordon, Paul by Jacob Rechel, Val by Claudia Noto, and Mark by Jake Fredericks. Connie is portrayed by Sydney Katz, Maggie by Maria Elena Rumayor, Diana by Elizabeth Ritacco, Bebe by Kerri McNeill, and Don by Billy Cardone.

The cast also features Hannah Swierkocki, Rachel DenHartog, Kaitlyn Hulme, Susan Everett, and Jackie Drudy as cut auditioners.

Book your tickets here.

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