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Cast of Gypsy

We are extremely happy to announce the cast of Gypsy!

ROSE - Kaitlyn Holloway

HERBIE- Claude Schminkee

LOUISE - Jessa Bedser

JUNE - Bella Campo

TULSA - Matte Black

BABY JUNE - Ellery Jarmon

YOUNG LOUISE - Sunny Carnahan

TESSIE TURA - Maggie Tully

MAZEPPA - Christine DeSimas

ELECTRA - Tracy Strong

ENSEMBLE - Mia Bramley, Richard Bryson, Justine Bouton, Michael Caggiano, Maria Constantinou, Steven Copp, Emily Davis, Sophia DeSimas, Jake Fredericks, Hannah Gammond, Benjamin Hahn, Mary Jodry, Sydney Katz, Cooper Lantz, Aislyn Lapp, Keelin Mauri, Hobey Peterson, Joseph Paglino, Benjamin Ricker, Maggie Schneider, Joey Schollenberger, & Danielle Schindledecker Wright

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