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Audition call: Rumors

The Spring Lake Theatre Company is proud to announce auditions for its February production of Neil Simon’s RUMORS

Produced by Pat Barry Directed by Ian Moore

In this elaborate farce, four couples are invited to a dinner party to celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary. However, as each couple arrives, they discover there are no servants, the hostess is missing, the dinner remains frozen in the sink, and the host – the deputy mayor of New York City – has been shot and they need to keep it all “hush-hush”. A nicotine fit, a damaged BMW, whiplash, misguided jealousy, a recurring back spasm, fooling the cops and rumors galore add to the comedic mayhem. The situation gets even more hilarious when no one can remember what lie has been told to whom. One of Neil Simon’s best!

Audition Requirements - Please prepare a 30-60 second cut of a modern comedic monologue for your audition.

Audition Dates - Monday November 15th, 7:00pm Tuesday November 16th, 7:00pm Callbacks will be held each night after initial auditions have concluded.

Performance Dates/Times - February 4, 5**; 11, 12**; 18, 19**; 2021 7:30 PM Curtain - ** 2:00 PM Matinee and 7:30 Curtain

All roles are open as listed below -

Chris Gorman: Female/Male, 30‐50. Ken’s elegant and attractive partner who is a lawyer. She/He is a bit high strung when faced with high stress situations to include nervous habits like smoking, nail biting and such.

Ken Gorman: Male, 30‐50. A well‐spoken, handsome attorney. A bit high strung. He is a lawyer married to Chris. He is a little excitable himself, but tends to see things from a legal point of view and is generally good at thinking on his feet – generally.

Claire Ganz: Female, 30‐50. Lenny’s gossip‐monger, attractive wife. A Westchester, New York housewife type who is a woman used to being in control, but who gradually falls apart through the show as she drinks through the night.

Lenny Ganz: Male, 30‐50. An accountant who is irascible, sarcastic, and yet very likeable. He is married to Claire. They have just had a car accident to Lenny's much loved new BMW. He has hurt his neck and broken their expensive gift. He constantly jumps to conclusions.

Ernie Cusak: Male, 40‐65. A smug psychiatrist by trade, but adoring husband to Cookie Cusak. At times he feels under appreciated by the rest of the group. This role will be supporting Cookie’s back spasms throughout.

Cookie Cusak: Female, 40‐65. Ernie’s wife and a popular cooking show host with a really bad back. She has a very dramatic, physical personality. This role requires a lot of physical comedy and a limber actor to sell the ongoing back issues which include crawling on the floor.

Glenn Cooper: Male, 30‐50. Handsome yet obvious politician looking type who is full of ambition. He wants to be with the “in crowd” and go places. He does love his wife, but he is also preparing for a run for the state senate.

Cassie Cooper: Female, 21‐30. Glenn's gorgeous trophy wife; she is quite insecure even though obviously sexy. A jealous type as well as mystical believer, she’s unsure of what everyone thinks of her, i.e. she does not want to be the pretty bimbo; but kind of is.

Officer Pudney: Male or Female, 20‐30. Act II only. A rookie cop with only one line. However, this officer’s silence can be hysterical too.

Officer Welch: Male or Female: 30‐60. Act II only. A vigorous, straight‐ talking, veteran police officer. Though few lines, this character can be funny too. This actor will also need to portray taking control the room full of hysterical & drunk characters and bring closure to the show

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