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The Spring Lake Theatre Co. presents the Cast of Spamalot!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The Spring Lake Theatre Company is excited to announce the cast of Monty Python's Spamalot!

Produced by Pat Barry

Directed by Ian Moore

Musical Direction by Beth Moore

Choreography by Natalie Hayes

King Arthur: Kevin Polke

Sir Robin/Swallow Guard/Brother Maynard: Reid Henderson

Lancelot/Swallow Guard: Bill Reinhard

Patsy/Guard 1:Nick D'Ambrosia

Galahad/Ni Knight: Tyler Cicardo

Bedevere/Galahads Mother/Herberts Father: Claude Schmincke

Lady of the Lake: Bridget Hughes

Not Dead Fred/Minstrel/Herbert/Dancing Nun: Andrew Ferrie

Sir Not Appearing: Mike Caggiano

Voice of God/Tim the Enchanter/Historian: Doug Moore

Mayor/Sir Bors/Black Knight: Steve Bartlow

French Taunter/Guard 2/Ensemble: Derek Rizzo

Concorde/Dancing Monk/Ensemble: Sean McLauhglin

Citizen of Finland, addition Ni Knight, Frenchie, etc

Donna VanAmen

Kelli Wilson

Laker Girls

Jade Gordon

Emily Davis

Erin Lucid

Justice Mascola

Lindsey Minarchi

Julia Cosaluzzo

Male Ensemble

Quincy Southerland

Daniel Tramontana

Matthew Norkus

Brian Brundage

Stephen Doucette

Nick Hewgley

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