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Meet the Cast of Scrooge

We are excited to present the cast of the 38th annual performance of Scrooge - Shortened version. Seating is limited and will be assigned in order of purchase. For everyone's safety, all CDC protocols will be followed. Face coverings will be required. Tickets are $35 each and include Hot Chocolate and Cookies. In case of bad weather, performances will be rescheduled.

You can find tickets here.

SCROOGE: Derek Hulse

MARLEY: Pat Murphy/Steve Bartlow

PAST: Olive O’Reilly

PRESENT: Douglas Moore

FUTURE: Mike Caggiano


FREDERICK: Jake McNerney

TINY TIM: Everly Coleman

KATHY CRATCHIT: Maggie Schneider

YOUNG EBBY: Joseph Walker

YOUNG FAN: Kenadi Egan

OLDER EBBY: Chase Auch

OLDER FAN: Rosie Dunphy

FEZZIWIG: Tyler Cicardo

MRS. FEZZIWIG: Ali Gleason

YOUNG SCROOGE: Liam Marshall

DICK WILKINS: Donny Nikola

ISABEL: Hannah Teza

TOM JENKINS: Steve Baglivio


FALALALALA: Ellery Jarmon

CHARITY GENT 1: Frank Leonhardt

CHARITY GENT 2: Mike Caggiano

WAKE THE BABY: Ellen Miele

DEBTOR WOMAN: 1 Mary Allegretta

DEBTOR WOMAN: 2 Thea Sheridan


URCHINS: Abigail Gerdes, Juliana Saragusa, Michele Clark, Fiona O’Brien, Gwyneth Fahy, Keelin Mauri, Keegan Foy, Claudia Barry, Anastasia Konczyk

CRATCHIT CHILDREN: Kaitlyn Fromhold, Joseph Walker, Emma Vaclavik, Jillian Daino, Kathy Cratchit, Kenadi Egan

BELL RINGERS: Mia Grace Bramley, Lilly Swierkocki, Adelaide Hayes, Ava Judi Viola, Cameron Linstra

FEZZIWIG CHILDREN: Ellery Jarmon, Benjamin Ricker, Mia Grace Bramley,

Greysen Kesler, Lilly Swierkocki, Sailor Oakes, Adelaide Hayes, Ava Judi Viola, Cameron Linstra

TEEN ENSEMBLE: Kevin Polke Jr., Anna Drudy, Kate Wilson, Olivia Kutcher, Jake Levinore, Niamh Mauri, Julia Salmon, Donny Nikola, Aidan Hulse, Liam Hulse

ADULT ENSEMBLE: Eve Bongiovanni, Thea Sheridan, Frank Leonhardt, Janice Mehnert, Rich Bryson, Mary Allegretta, Dan Burke, Peter Vaclavik, Deni Sobotka, Erin Lucid, Rob White, Leslie Barlow

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