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Concert for Our Cause

Concert for a Cause goes Live with Concert for OUR Cause!

With the loss of income from the shows, as well as recital and workshop shows and summer classes, the Spring Lake Theatre & Community House will see a shortfall in our budget of over $200,000.

During the downtime forced by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Spring Lake Community House & Theatre put on several virtual concerts to benefit worthy causes in our community through our Concert for a Cause series. Now, the time has come to take the next Concert for a Cause live, with a Concert for OUR Cause - to assure the Spring Lake Community House & Theatre makes it through 2020 and can return with new performances next year!

Concert for OUR Cause, an outdoor benefit concert to support the Spring Lake Theatre Recovery Fund, will take place on Friday, September 4th, outside of the Spring Lake Community House, at 300 Madison Avenue, Spring Lake, New Jersey. Limited seats will be available for a donation of $100 per person. The concert will include beloved Broadway classics, sung by actors known from the Spring Lake Theatre Company productions.

If you cannot attend the concert, please consider donating to the Spring Lake Theatre Recovery Fund:

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