Peter & the Wolf

The Spring Lake Theatre is collaborating with the Garden State Philharmonic to bring you a great way to introduce your children to Classical Music!

Peter & the Wolf
Sunday, February 27, 3:00 PM

Peter and the Wolf is a classical music story that helps to instill a lifelong appreciation for classical music within children and helps them learn about how instruments sound. It is a symphonic folk tale written by the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. In 1936, he was commissioned to write a musical story for children by Natalya Sats, the director of the Moscow Central Children’s Theatre. The intent was to introduce children to individual instruments in the orchestra. As a narrator tells the story, the orchestra highlights the characters with musical themes by using four specific instrument families: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

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You can download a program and activity guide below and go through it with your child to prepare for the concert. The guide introduces the child to the different characters and instruments, as well as the story of Peter and the Wolf.